Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road to recovery

I'm healing well. Yoga wasn't too bad on my foot yesterday, I'm off of crutches today and I can ramp up the biking now as well as swimming. Hopefully next Wednesday the trainer will give me the okay on slowly introducing running back into my routine. I am determined to take my recovery very seriously and heal really well to be back in form as soon as possible.

Even more incentive to heal up for the marathon- friend and family contributions to my fundraising page and the warm thoughts they've sent my way! I have to get through this for me and for them now! Below is also from the Boston Athletic Association confirming my acceptance, another incentive!

For the next week I'll be continuing to take it easy on high impact activities but will increase my effort in the pool and on the bike to keep my legs in shape and my lungs working hard. Calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients are still my best food friends to help repair the stress fracture. To be honest this isn't a bad time to be injured... I take the GRE next Friday so I can use the time on the bike and extra time in my day to study - Silver lining! Setbacks aren't setbacks if you learn from them and use them to your advantage :)

Here are some useful or just entertaining websites I've stumbled on while researching recovery methods for stress fractures:
This is a blog post I came across of what I won't be doing for the marathon, cheating, but the stories are pretty funny and make you wonder how stupid these people are and how stupid they think race organizers are! Also if anyone else finds themselves with a running injury then this page will hopefully lead you to a cause and a way to become pain free as soon as possible, especially if you don't have access to university athletic trainers like I do. Also lately I've found inspiration and really good running tips from Jason at StrengthRunning who I happened to have met one time through Steve over at NerdFitness who is entertaining and helpful as always. 

Now off to make some roasted cauliflower and brusselsprouts with goat cheese and walnut polenta for an early dinner before class!  

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