Sunday, March 11, 2012

Optimism and a zesty salad!

My optimism stems from the fact that last weekend I was running 3-4 miles per run and this morning I had a very fun and pain free 10 mile run! The run was out and back from the end of the marathon course so I got practice on running the last five miles of the course (although the next time I run it I won't have to stop for all the traffic lights!) I only ran half the distance as some of my fellow runners, but considering I was on crutches just a month ago, I am feeling really good. This is actually the first time I don't feel like I'm having to 'fake' it when I tell people I am training for the Boston Marathon, now I know I am back in form and will be running the Boston Marathon 35 days from now!

I am attributing my recovery to diligence and serious patience in my recovery. If I had started to run when I wanted to instead of listening to my trainer and coach, I really think I would have made the stress fracture a lot worse. But now, with full recovery, I've gone from a 4 mile run to a 10 mile run in a week, I think I rested and recovered for just the right amount of time.

And now for the recipe:
My superfood recipe of the week is a zesty salad with avocado and salsa, (extremely happy avocados are so delicious right now!) I ate this for lunch three days of last week and it takes very little time to put together.

Kale or a mixture of Kale and spring mix
1/2 avocado diced
lemon or lime juice
favorite flavorful salsa
olive oil
A whole wheat tortilla toasted on the side

Wash, de-stem, and break the kale into small pieces and mix with spring mix if desired. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the leaves, add the diced avocados and sprinkle lime or lemon juice over it, then add a quarter cup of salsa and some pepper. Easy, vegan, and super delicious!

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