Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in the U.S. and back in shape!

Yesterday I registered for my first triathlon for this summer! I am super psyched about the race itself and the training that goes into it!

I spent my fall semester at the University of Ghana and came back from Ghana for winter break completely out of shape! While in Ghana I had gotten really sick and never fully let my body recover, so I lost a lot of stamina and muscle mass and since my diet had changed to mainly rice, I had gained a few pounds as well. Other than spending my winter break getting over my post-abroad depression, I spent it trying to gain back my running form, spent time at the gym, and getting in all the nutrients I missed on a West African diet (which was carb and fruit heavy, with few vegetables.)

I had been taking a multivitamin while abroad once a day, to make sure that I got most of the vitamins and minerals I needed, so when I got back I decided to continue taking them and look for the best multivitamin for women out there. Nature's Way Alive! Women's Energy was the best one I found. Its filled with vitamins and minerals through natural fruits and vegetables like kale, spinach, beet, garlic, pomegranate, acai, blueberry, etc. It definitely has my vote for the most nutrient dense multivitamin you can get in one pill.

Another thing for me since I've been back in sprouted grain bread: ezekiel brand is my favorite and I usually keep a loaf of more normal bread in my freezer and the cinnamon raisin english muffins which are perfect with some agave and almond/peanut butter! I have also been trying to keep with buying local produce by going to smaller market places like Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square ( Or picking from the local foods at Whole Foods. Also, now that I have a full kitchen at school in my apartment, I can experiment and cook a lot! Last night I made quinoa risotto with shallots, shitake mushrooms and kale, and a roasted beet salad on arugula with vermont goat cheese and toasted pine nuts. It was an experiment that turned out to be wonderful!

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