Monday, April 2, 2012

Only Two Weeks Till the Marathon!

Only two weeks until I'm running from Hopkinton all the way to Copley Square in downtown Boston! Right now I am in my tapering phase, which means reduction in mileage, intensity and duration. Those of you who have read posts from my triathlon training know that this is also the time when I go completely vegan and dedicated to solely whole foods. I'm currently snacking on apples and almond butter, my lunch was half a baked sweet potato, spicy black beans and brussel sprouts and breakfast was my superfood oatmeal. Much of what I eat over the next two weeks comes from No Meat Athlete my go-to vegetarian/vegan running resource. 

My legs feel good, my foot feels great. I am a little concerned about not being able to do as many long runs as I wanted to with my stress fracture, but with my intermediate distance runs between 12-15 miles I felt really good and my almost 18 mile run post-stress fracture was awesome so I think I'll be fine. My pace will be slower than I had intended at the start of marathon training but I won't let that phase me, its my first marathon and I just want to finish it with a giant smile on my face!

I'm already looking forward to getting back into triathlon training and logging more miles in the pool and on my bike. I haven't picked out any races yet because I don't quite know where I'll be after I graduate but once I do know, I'll probably pick a couple of races before I find a place to live! Marathon training has been exhilarating, and I love being a part of the Tufts Marathon Team, but I do miss multi-sport training!

Now I have to put in a fundraising plea! I still need to fundraise a little less than $500 for nutrition, medical and fitness programs at Tufts University and for the Friedman School of Nutrition program to curb adolescent obesity.

I'll take any encouragement though! My friends from Texas sent me an awesome care-package (see photo below) full of nutrition goodies and words of support! A big thanks to Alicia, Jenny and Taelor!

This is my runner page that gives more information about the team and where our fundraising efforts go towards: Tufts Marathon Challenge 

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